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Back At It! Garden Bench Repair

It's been a long time since I posted anything - but that's because I haven't DONE anything since May. That's when I took a spill and fractured five ribs.  I'm mending really well and can move around well, but I still can't lay flat so I'm STILL in the ugly rented recliner.  I've tried doing some very light work on projects, but the muscles on my left side are still healing so there isn't any overhead work yet.  But!

Today I actually ticked another item off the 2012 list.  It's not a major project, but something that had to be done.  A number of years ago I built the garden bench out of scrap lumber from the fence project.  It's held up really well over the years, just needing one of the seat boards to be replaced a few years ago.  But this summer the bench began to show its age...

In the picture above, you can see the rot on top of the backboard and the same was happening on both of the seat boards.So today I decided it was time to #1 - do a…