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Made at 173: Rustic Bookcase

Not long after we bought 173, we put in a new basement floor and while we were at it we replaced the basement windows.  Well...if you've followed this blog for any time at all, you know we're all about re-purposing stuff.  So we kept a few of the old basement windows.

One of them I put mirrors in and mounted on the side of the shed ... I dunno, sounded like a neat idea at the time.  The others I don't recall where they wound up, except for one.

After the front porch was remodeled a number of years ago, I had "my" little corner.  

I found that old Morris chair at a little country auction for $25 oh maybe 10 years ago or so.  Anyway, THAT'S what this post is about.  No, not the Morris chair - see that little bookcase?  Yep - Made at 173!  Like I said, I had that old basement window, and wanted something to go with the chair, so I got the idea for the bookcase.

I just use it for some old-school nick-nacks (is there supposed to be a "k" in front of those?) and a place to set my iced tea.  It was a quick project...I had a few scrap boards and two old hinges lying about the workshop, so it didn't cost anything.  And I just used butt joints because I wanted a kind of Adirondack/Maine forest feel to it.  

Because of where I was going to place it, I thought it would be better to put the hinges on the bottom of the case instead of the top.  

And I just used an old rusty hook for a latch.  Oh, and that old closet hook?  I inherited a drawer full of them with 173.  So I put one on the side of the case.  I also inherited a circa 1940s wire catcher's mask that usually hangs on the hook, but like I said, we're in the middle of a re-do right now so it's packed away.

Then I just put a few odds and ends in it. Well, that's it - Made at 173!

NOTE:  In the years since this book case was originally built, the front porch has undergone some changes.  Here is the most recent iteration of the case (as of March, 2014):


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