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Fixing the Basement Walls - things're gettin' crazy up in here!

Good grief!  I guess the subtitle of this post is a little over-stating things, I mean really - isn't a phrase like that usually reserved for parties, clubbing, etc?  Well, this isn't exactly a party, but it is exciting to start seeing the plan come together!  Friday evening saw a little more progress...
I got all the loose stuff scraped off and did all the cleaning, vacuuming, wire brushing and re-vacuuming.  But what I didn't do - and should have, was I didn't brush on the bonding agent.  So when I went to get the cement going on Saturday morning, I had to brush the stuff on which only takes a couple minutes, but then you have to wait a couple hours before applying cement.  I had to figure out something to do while I waited.
Because I'm moving everything away from the walls (obviously) to the center of the basement, I'm running out of space.  So while waiting for the bonding agent to get tacky, I decided to put the first coat of paint on the south wall.  The basement at 173 is pretty dry, but the walls do sweat a bit in the summer.  I have no idea if this is going to help, but I went with Drylok by UGL.  It comes in white and gray, but the gray was a little dark, and white just seems like it'll get dirty.  Turns out you can get the paint tinted, so I went with Platinum.
One significant lesson learned was...Drylock is THICK!!  I'm talking break your arm thick!  Anyway, I got the first coat on most of the south wall.
I think it'll look good...bright but also able to slightly hide a little bit of the dust that basements get.  So I said I got the first coat on most of the wall.  Here's the reason I didn't get it all done:
As I was painting I noticed a spot with a some flaking going on.  I chipped it away, and chipped some more, and just about the time I thought it was done...I chipped a bit more.  This is by far the deepest spot so far.  
I know this isn't a great picture but my finger is at the level of the wall...that's 4 centimeters or 1.574" to be exact.  So this afternoon I got that spot, and another stretch in the workshop all cleaned up and the bonding agent applied.  Then it was time to wait again.  I looked around and pondered this:
That's the little wall that kind of creates the workshop.  The previous owner built it of a bunch of different kinds of scrap wood.  I thought about taking it down and rebuilding it to look a little nicer, but you know what?  It's really a solid wall, and like I've said before...I like to leave some things in the house that hearken to my friend's grandparents.  Besides, it really does everything I need it to do.  Here's a look from inside the shop:
See?? It does what I need it to do, and my screwdrivers and hammers already have their home!  I'll just leave it...but I did paint it.  I used some leftover paint from the front porch floor, and here it is now:
Gotta find a piece of scrap for the bottom, but there it is.  On to that big hole now.  Gotta build that up.


  1. I'm loving this basement series! Keep up the good work.

    I don't have the same spalling concrete you're dealing with here, but I'm getting ready to paint my own basement pretty soon. I remember reading this post a few weeks ago and decided to stop back by to see what kind of paint you used. I'm trying to decide if the DryLok is worth the extra cost or not. Seems like some people swear by it and others think it's a complete waste of money. I have no idea what to think, but I'll probably end up going for it.

    Can't wait to see what's up next for the basement!

  2. Reuben thanks for checking in and taking the time to comment! As to Drylok - mine is too new to know for sure, but based on anecdotal evidence from friends and family, and just seeing how this stuff goes on, it seemed a worthwhile investment. If nothing else - it sure did smooth out the walls considerably! Thanks again!


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