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Wolpertingers: Or What The Hell Is That?

Our friendly neighborhood wolpertinger, what consternation you bring!  For years, visitors and people who have seen pictures of the dining room have expressed a whole range of emotions; everything from, "What the hell is that?" to "What the hell is that?"  It always seems to be the same reaction.  And you know what?  That's the point!  It's a conversation piece akin to when people put their grandmother's old Singer sewing machine in the living room.  People always ask...thus - conversation piece.

In the last post which was a partial reveal of the dining room table, the wolpertinger shown prominently in the background.  Lindsay left a comment, it didn't exactly say "What the hell is that?" but I know what she was thinking!
"...I think the chair color is fabulous. about a post regarding the mounted rabbit?"  So here's the story...